Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rain always makes things seem better

It unleashes the romance in me, with the help of long drives and hot tea. And a huge bag of Mad Angles :)
Just to fill up space I am making a list of ten random things about me. Simply because I never did it before, and always wanted to :)
  1. My secret dream is to be an artist or a musician.
  2. I love making lists, especially lists of chores, with little tabs and folders, all colour co-ordinated :)
  3. I hate cellphones, the internet, the computer. But without these, I would be jobless ;)
  4. I would love try out street photography, but I am too shy and too nervous. What if someone notices me? :-S
  5. I can say the stupidest things in the oddest places. Major foot-in-the-mouth syndrome.
  6. I am never bored of my own company. I sometimes prefer it to other peoples ;)
  7. I wish I had straight hair, but looks like that is one wish that will never come true.
  8. I actually love my job, especially the design part ... not so much the usability gig :)
  9. I can't cook...but trying to remedy that.
  10. I learnt to drive at the age of 24. I have had driving teachers since I was 18. Three people have tried to teach me and failed. Finally I just got out on my own and drove around. So yeah, in all six years of learning curve :)