Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some drawerings :)

So here's some stuff I drew again. But this time its actually NOT on lined paper :)

Watercolour done at Diveagar, a smallish coastal town where we went for the weekend. We were just hanging around after a very heavy lunch, listening to music and cracking bad jokes :) These are my two friends from Australia ;)

I am not used to working in a cubicle, in an office with grey walls... and this is what I miss most :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

What I have been upto

Long time since I posted. Not been upto many interesting things lately. But still...
I watched Ghajini. I can't say I liked it, but it wasn't all that bad. But seriously if Aamir Khan must do one movie per year, why would he do a movie like Ghajini. We have come to expect a lot more from him, than an out-and-out masala flick like Ghajini. Asin is lovely, Jiah is inane. Aamir is...bearable.
Then I watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi as well. Its horrendous. I could not wait for it to get over. SRK in both roles is awful. But again, the girl is a delight. Anushka Sharma seems to be a face to watch out for. She is believable and attractive.
And the surprise package is Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. I liked it, it was funny in parts, entertaining mostly. Abhay Deol is refreshing. The story was also so down-to-earth, it could have been a piece of neighbourhood gossip :) Overall, nice.

So I watched a lot of movies :)

I have also been reading a lot of online comics.
Fart Party: By Julia Wertz. The comic is not as slapstick as the name suggests. It is quite witty, and observant. I also like the way Julia Wertz draws.
Ordinary Comics: Another unusual comic by Ogze Samanci, an ertwhile PhD student studying in US. Originally from Turkey, she writes and draws about the differences and similarities between US and Turkey. As she puts it, when you are in a foreign country, you notice everything :)
Girls with Slingshots: by Danielle Corsetto. I love the way she draws. And the comic is fun too.
Questionable Content: By Jeph Jacques. He writes good dialogue, and plus I also like the fact that he remains all cynical, even when penning romantic situations :)

And the best part of this all is that I can read all these at work, where pretty much most entertaining websites are banned :)

ETA: oh, and a very happy new year to you too :)