Sunday, January 30, 2011

iPad stories

i got an iPad a few months back, and got all sorts of negativity from iPhone-using-friends.
for the original quote in this comic, refer this article from Wired Product reviews.

also, aww, look my blog's first PG-13 comic. parental discretion advised while reading this blog, from now on :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pink Tie Vespa Guy

this last month or so have been hectic, and i havn't really had much time to draw. but to keep the creative juices flowing, i have decided to create a 'whiteboard art' series.
my cubicle at work is provided with a tiny white board which is to be used for....making lists?brainstorming? Regardless of its original purpose, i am using it to draw on. this is one of the drawings i made.

the scooter is a memory of my NID days, when one of my friends had one of those tiny bajaj scooters. three to four of us would cram up on that scooter if need be!
the pink tie is a homage to my current company policy. the men have to wear ties every monday. some of the guys rebel by wearing absolutely horrendous ties which clash with their shirts.

since i spend most of my day at my workplace, i will probably be making more drawings like this!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

livening up the ol' workspace

One of our visual designers was pretty irritated designing pop-overs for a project. He finally turned and said,
"Tumhare pop-overs ka ghada bhar chuka hai" (You have had your fill of pop-overs)
I found it incredibly hilarious and drew this little sketch on his white-board.

a head for hats

 I was considering buying a fedora. So chic. I didn't find a good one, so I made a little doodle instead.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


i doodled this while chatting with some friends. the drawing started with an elephant print on one of my friend's bags.
i am having t-shirts made from the cockroaches quote on the top right, so let me know if you want one too ;-)
its the ultimate feminist declaration, isn't it?

and as we all know, i am pretty much into fashion and clothes and all sorts of superficial things. so as proof, i present here a 'what i wore' illustration.
and happy new year to my few readers! hope your new year is better than the last.