Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its time for mean observations about the world

My observations over a croissant in the canteen

List of things not to wear to office(assuming you work in an office like mine, which is...corporate)

1)      Strappy sandals with flesh coloured toe socks. Those are just ugly. Period
2)      Ill-fitting shirts with ill-fitting trousers. They look like pajamas.
3)      Combinations which remind us of the housekeeping staff, security guards or factory workers
4)      The same tie. Every. Single. Day.
5)      Sweater- vests in mustard. Pants in mustard colour. Actually anything in mustard.
6)      Sport Shoes under your formals. unless you are planning to go running after work.
7)      Jangly bangles or anklets. Leave your jingles for weddings please.
8)      Stockings. Ok seriously, we live in a tropical country. Do you really want to die of heat-stroke?
9)      Combinations which defy the colour pallete. Maroon shirt and green trousers. Blue shirt and plum pants. No, just no.
10)   Anything with ruffles or frills or bows. Especially in pink, and especially with ribbons. Please don’t.

Monday, June 14, 2010

About Slumdog Millionaire

When Slumdog Millionaire won an Oscar, I had made a comic about how it would affect Indian media. Oh well, none of this has happened...yet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Watching saris

The wedding season is in full blast, and I have spent the last few weekends attending weddings, receptions, and other shaadi-related thingys. A small comic inspired by a wedding attended with my friend S.

Bet you didn't know all that much about saris either ;-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a little trip

I went on a little trip recently, where I didn't do much but eat and sleep. I also managed to produce these two little drawings.

My friend sitting on a swing on the verandah.

And the two beautiful snow-white bulls which lived in the cattle shed behind us.

 This is yours truly, chatting and painting in the verandah. (Photo courtesy: S.)