Sunday, May 18, 2008

A rather productive day

I felt very accomplished yesterday. I spent half the day working and I drove the car, all the way to my guitar class (very well too I might add). My guitar class was great! I have been moved from the beginners-back-room to the front-room where the actually good guitar kids practise...I am not so good, but I am learning fast and catching up quickly. I have a cheap Indian guitar at home, which I play irregularly.
Looking at my increasing weight, I have finally given in and decided to join a gym. I have been against the idea for a long time, since I dislike gyms, their small airless spaces and perpetual ting of sweatiness in the air. However, my balooning weight leaves me no choice.
However in my sense of triumph, I have forgotten to do several vital chores, like paying bills and stuff. So I will have to sneak out during lunch hour on Monday to do the same.


Saltwater Blues said...

Came here from Sita's. Really nice blog. So what kinda music you play?

Aditi said...

Oh still learning actually :) but i like bluesy folksy stuff..