Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some drawerings :)

So here's some stuff I drew again. But this time its actually NOT on lined paper :)

Watercolour done at Diveagar, a smallish coastal town where we went for the weekend. We were just hanging around after a very heavy lunch, listening to music and cracking bad jokes :) These are my two friends from Australia ;)

I am not used to working in a cubicle, in an office with grey walls... and this is what I miss most :(


Saltwater Blues said...

hope all's good with you kid. still paying that guitar i hope.

Saltwater Blues said...

love the drawings btw.

Aditi said...

Thanks :)...and yep still strumming the guitar :)

Sita said...

here's what ogden nash has to say on the subject of your office politics. (since i just rediscovered candy is dandy, i'm doing this to everyone. it may be related to the post if you look closely, but if it isn't then it's not my fault.)

reflections on ingenuity

here's a good rule of thumb:
too clever is dumb.

Aditi said...

it makes perfect sense! :)