Monday, February 23, 2009

Anti valentine sentiments

Not that I am a big fan of ShriRam Sena, seeing that I am very intolerant of intolerance. But, frankly Valentine's Day does not find me in the best of moods.


AB said...

sadly, under-appreciated piece of work :)

Renu said...

hey this one is really amazing and under-appreciated?, heck who cares! :)
and ditto for valentine's day :), wish u had sketched me alongside :(

AB said...

@renu: thanks! really appreciate the lone non-moi comment :)
if u give me a comic idea, i wud love to draw u :)

Renu said...

Lovely :) Since I have been feeling blue for some time now, maybe you could draw me sitting melancholic, shedding some tears, collecting it in a cup. Then since I can never be in the same mood for long and am also always upto some nonsense, I'll mix some soap solution into the cup and start blowing out bubbles :) and voila snap outta my gloom. Now I really would love to see this drawn, hope am not troubling you. Hey, my email id is listed on my blog. Let me know if you want to chat up sometime :)

jayant said...

Valentine's day is as uninteresting as the other 360 days of the year for me too.