Saturday, August 29, 2009

New shoes and dance parties

This post has some silly drawings I did last week.

For instance, I bought a pair of lovely pumps a few weeks ago...unfortunately I need to break them in, they are killing me when I try to walk in them!

Since I am getting old now, I am now allowed to reminiscence. So I was fondly remembering dance parties in college. As per my habit, I have managed to make personas (in a dance party! I am such a geek). I have put many of my friends in this drawing :) I am there too!

Open large, read the descriptions :)


Sneha Patel said...

Hehe great comic.... I can identify some of the personas :)

Aditi said...

oh good!heh :)

Anagha said...

I recently bought two pairs from Woodland. One of them I called my hot steamy affair, and the other one I called a bring marriage. Turned out my so-called "reliable" pair is the bi*chy one. And I have to wear it every day coz it's "office" wear. _sigh_
Shoes can be so deceptive.

Aditi said...

I feel your pain! (literally) :P

Anonymous said...


i wish my bum were that small.

WhyNotTry said...

really funny!