Monday, November 16, 2009

Random bakwas

There is something about the medical profession which fascinates me. Maybe its the utter seriousness with which doctors are taken, maybe its the cool, nonchalant way they approach their frightened patients...its the undefinable cool that they keep in harried circumstances. Thus it is not surprising that my favourite soap-opera is a medical show. Its this one!

I have had a massive crush on J.D., especially since he has such great taste in music. He's so totally appealing in a goofy nerdy kind of way. I read this article the other day which says that 'Scrubs' is the most accurate of all medical shows on TV.

And what exactly is the point of this post?
Not much really, I just wanted to gush about Scrubs.


Anagha said...

O btw, Zach Braff is quitting Scrubs... in fact today(/tomorrow) is/(will be) his last day on the set. :(

Scribbler said...
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Aditi said...

nooo...whyyyy...This is killing me :( where do i get to see him on a regular basis now?? Oh why, Zach, whyyyy???

sandman said...