Sunday, August 22, 2010

People with tattoos

I recently accompanied some friends for their first and second tattoos respectively, and spent some hours in the tattoo parlour. After giving them "helpful" comments ("that one? reminds me of a bouncer"), I spent some time doodling and chatting up the other patrons.

There was a girl who wanted a tattoo "to give her strength" and decided on a intricate one of Lord Shiva on her forearm, a boy who wanted Che Guevera with a chinese script saying 'peace' under it (bit of an oxymoron, don't you think?), and a couple who sauntered in to get their daughter's ears pierced. The kid raised hell, crying, yelling and kicking. This whole drama included the mother yelling at the kid's father, the kid trying to escape repeatedly, and everyone else freezing till the screaming stopped. I must be getting old after all, but whenever a kid in my family got his ears pierced, we went to a jeweller. These guys were such experts, that the kid would be playing one minute, and the next minute he would have pierced ears. AND they did home visits too. So the kid could throw a tantrum in the privacy of its own house, if it so pleased. Towards the end, another couple came in with the wife wanting a "tramp stamp" (this is a term I got from How I Met Your Mother, so you will have to watch that). Heh.

I doodled there a bit, but this is the one sketch I liked the best.


imchaba said...


sandman said...

Well, I'll suit up then.:)

Sneha said...

Dude ,

delete ALL pics frm your cell cam. Except for maybe the close up of the tattoo. That one i want, cuz my own attempts to capture it failed..
But other than that , DO NOT retain those pics on your cell :D
Seriously :D

Anagha said...

He he amusing tales. I've always wanted a tramp stamp - they're the best place for a tattoo.

Anagha said...

PS: I'm willing to pay hard cash for the contents in your camera. Ignore Sneha's instructions. Muaahahahaha...

Aditi said...

@imchaba: consider i have smiled back ;-)
@sandman: LOL..
@Anagha: lets met up to discuss this more..also, tramp stamp? really?
@Sneha: ha, anagha's giving me a good offer ;-)