Sunday, June 12, 2011

the consequences of my cooking

since last year, i have discovered a new found love for cooking. though i don't get to do much of it at home (our kitchen is dominated by my mum and my grandma), i guess i will have some more time to experiment once i get married.
also this is a rather lame way of telling you, dear blog, that i am getting married. to a boy. who is based in Bangalore.But don't worry, bloggy dear, nothing's gonna change between us. I still feel the same way about you.
one more comic i made a long while ago. this is a little more girly than usual.


Anagha said...

Love these drawings... you two look too cute together! :)

kpn said...

this is too adorable. :) Also, you're getting married this weekend!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Getting married? Congratulations! :)