Sunday, April 6, 2008

and sometimes it rains....

By nature, I am not a happy person. I tend to look at the worse side of things and worry worry worry about them till me and everyone around me is sick of it. I worry about putting on weight, ruining my skin, remaining lonely and friendless, failing expectations, not being a good person...a million things.
I read somewhere about a gratefulness journal. About listing down things you are grateful for. What am I grateful for today?
  • a holiday. though I love my job, I also love weekends and am never bored :)
  • all the shopping.
  • reading "Designing the obvious" and "The storyteller's daughter".
  • my skin, which is recovering from the terrible acne attack of the past 8 months.
Like my friend M. says, "There are optimists, and there are pessimists, but its always good to be a realist". Amen to that!

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