Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why I better as a teenager than an adult.

Remember when you are sixteen and how you feel that the world is against you and how you gotta fight it to make a place for yourself? Yeah, I was like that. Full of angst and rebelliousness and highly tuned morals. I believed in peace and love and freedom. I made speeches about feminism and equality.
And then unfortunately I grew up.
As an adult now, I am complacent. And lazy. I don't feel the need to change the world, I have adapted myself to it. I find it difficult to get worked up about the state of African genocide victims and Taliban attacks. I sometimes contemplate(with a faintly embarrassed recollection) how I was so passionate about the smallest things just a few years ago.
As a teenager, I was ambitious about learning. I wanted to learn about art, history, philosophy, culture, dance, music and a million other things. Nowadays I just barely summon up enough energy to glance at the Page 3 supplement of the news paper.
Is it age? Is it that I have become too self-involved? Have I finally managed to shut my mind and be insensitive?

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