Sunday, November 9, 2008

doodles from my notebook

I keep a drawing journal, I try to draw every morning. Most sketches are fast, and done in no more than 15-20 mins. Simple ink-and-pen drawings. If anyone does go through them let me know what you guys think :)
This one is for my crinkly-haired sixteen year old cousin. She is pretty and smart and yet, very simple. So much that my brother calls her 'Plain Jane'. I think its really great she's like that, when she is in her teens.

I have been working in this company for over a year. I have had my high points and low points. I spend my time making stereotypes of people in my company. Here are an initial few.

This one was on Election day in the US. Though I havn't liked the way this drawing has turned out, I did think the conversation relevant. With the economy in the dumps, and inflation on the rise, can Obama really change the world? :)

Just wondering about my non-educational skill sets ;)


The Not So Talkative Man said...

Pretty handwriting.

Anagha said...

You needlewoman?
And Gawd bless the kids you baby-sit! :P

Ha ha - good observation on the IT-Types. You failed to add that the A-types loooooove to chat about BiggBoss/IndianIdol/their kaamwali bai/their tyrant MILs at a louder-than-average decibel! Grrrr!

Soumik said...

Busking would be my utopian alternative profession too :). I came to know of the word in itself through the movie/musical 'Once', which does a good job of selling the street musician dream.

sandman said...

A 'B' in an 'A' workplace doing 'C' stuff.sigh!

I'm running away to the hills....or the beach.

p.s.: And I can't even wear tees.Bleh!

Aditi said...

@not so talkative man: thanks :)
@anagha: yeah..I missed that one!
@soumik: unfortunately, busking is the limit of my musical skills :)
@sandman: haha..thats a good description!

Soumik said...

If you are able to get paid singing soulful songs on the street, strumming along, that is not bad at all :). I try to stitch together a few chords myself, any minor recognition makes me feel so proud. Give yourself a pat on the back, A.

arti said...

hi aditi,

chked out your blog mostly bcoz of ur profile pic.. :P pretty pic by the way... :)

nice doodles... reminded me of one other blog i follow - chk it out.


Aditi said...

@arti: Thanks!