Monday, November 24, 2008

pre-New Year depressing thoughts

Another year gone, one more birthday. Not getting any younger are we? Last year, after agonizing over another 'wasted' year, I got some sound advice from my 80-year-old grandmother. You are 25, that's hardly 1/4th of your life! she scolded. I... never thought of it that way.

So this year, for the New year's eve, I am going to take a totally new spin on this whole 'life' business. Instead of looking back, I am going to look forward. There are so many things yet, I have not experienced. Rather than mourning what I have lost, I will try to look at what will come.

A few months ago, a friend was cribbing about his job(I do that pretty often myself, those are my pet peeves, work-life and social-life :). I have hit rock-bottom, he declared. I guess, I wasn't really listening or maybe I just thought this was a good line but anyway, I did come up with some advice that I could follow myself . Good, I told him, so now the only way is up.

So, basically, yeah, the only way now is up! :)

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Saltwater Blues said...

... absolutely! rock on!!